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We have worked across several verticals and provided IT solutions / support.

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We have worked across several verticals and provided IT solutions / support.
The following is a list of select areas of work in the recent past:

  • Financial Services & Distribution

    Our IT solutions enabled our client to: market and distribute a variety of financial products across multiple locations, track budgets against actual performance, monitor the progress of each sales call, and provide their customers with the requisite portfolio management reports and analysis. This was a web based project.

  • Healthcare Services

    Our IT solution catered to this client's need to implement an efficient front office system to record, track and control patient information, referrals from other doctors, patient treatment and progress as well as billing and collection - across multiple locations. The application also provided comprehensive support for accounting and a full suite of diagnostic reports.

  • Bespoke Tailoring

    Our IT solution enables this client to track, across multiple locations, personal details of individual customers [including measurements, customizations and preferences], orders placed, order execution, production progress, dispatch, shipping, billing and collection. In addition, the application provides a wide range of reports including information on fabrics used by customers, customizations in each order, garments tailored, etc.

  • Tanning & Leather Goods

    We have designed and developed a solution which enables this client to track orders, order execution and inventory across multiple locations with a specific focus on leather grades, production efficiency and inventory levels of raw materials, shipping and dispatch, billing and collection. The entire application is online and web-based.

  • Accounting services

    We have taken on the entire accounting process, staffed the department and run it as an outsourced function. The scope of work includes maintenance of all account books and statutory records and providing reports to the management.

  • Payroll services

    We have undertaken the entire process related to income-tax calculation, tax deduction and maintenance of related account books, payroll records, leave and other related records as well as statutory records for all employees.

  • Apparels & Point of Sales

    We assisted this client in the implementation of a SCM application to cover in-house production, job work / sub-contracting and distribution across it's own outlets, distributors and franchises. We brought in our expertise in Point of Sale applications, Warehousing, Distribution and Accounting to this assignment.

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